Collaborating with content creators on our games

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If you are a content creator who loves playing our games and is confident in being a brand ambassador for Frontier, this is the place for you.

We love building strong relationships with content creators who are passionate about our games, so we’ve created the Pioneer Program to offer you exciting opportunities to do with your channel and content, as well as keep you informed about our games and updates. Have a look to see how we can work together and get involved!

What is it like to work with Frontier? It's excellent. There's no developer that makes me feel more at home. They are accommodating with my schedule and try to include me as much as possible in theirs. They let me do the work I need to do and immediately jump at the opportunity to bring me closer to the team as soon as work is done.

Working with the Frontier Developments Community Management team has been a dream over the years. The team is responsive, knowledgeable, and passionate about their community. I’ve often used this team as an example of excellence during content creator panels.

Every opportunity I've had has been a blast, they're easy going, flexible and make sure to take care of me!

I've been invited by Frontier for several events now. All events were really well organized and us, content creators, were really taken good care off. The community managers and everyone else working at Frontier are very nice, friendly and warm people. It's always an amazing and lovely expierence being at events with/from Frontier.

Frontier, for me, is a family. Between the amazing team that remains as helpful as can be and the community of excited players, I’ve rarely felt more at home.

Deejay Knight
Deejay Knight

Working with Frontier as a Pioneer has not only helped my streaming career, but also increased my confidence as a content creator thanks to their positivity, encouragement and continued support. I have never worked with a team that cares so passionately about what they do and with a team that care so deeply for their community. The Pioneer program is a partnership that is truly unique and incredible.

As a content creator, growing my channel and providing entertaining content is a must, being a Frontier Pioneer helps tremendously. Frontier Pioneer is all about collaboration and bringing two worlds together. Their staff is incredibly helpful and their newsletters keep me up to date on big events, games and more! Their support to help us creators is endless!